CNN Profiles the Reach Out and Read Program at Hasbro Children’s Hospital

Last spring we welcomed a news crew from national news outlet CNN and hosted them for a day of filming at our Reach Out and Read program at Hasbro children’s hospital. They had heard about the great work that was being done here in Rhode Island and, on the heels of national reports about the critical importance of promoting early literacy at the early possible ages, they asked if they could do a feature on the program. The result is this wonderful video featuring our fabulous Hasbro doctors and RORRI Board members Natalie Golova, MD and Pam High, MD. In addition to their duties at Hasbro both of these women are renowned figures (locally and nationally) in the world of pediatric literacy promotion and pediatric literacy research. We have such great friends! I hope you enjoy the video and just maybe you’ll be lucky enough to catch it again while sitting in doctor’s waiting room, that’s where it will be broadcast on closed reel television – NATIONWIDE!!!


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