Prescribing Hope

“The story of one doctor in Virginia gives healing an entirely new meaning.”

Growing up in a foster home, pediatrician Dr. Carolyn Boone didn’t have much. But, thanks to her foster mother, she had books, and she quickly developed a love of reading. “Even though we were very poor” says Dr. Boone  “I could travel the whole world in a book”. Books opened up new worlds for her and she was taught to share her passion for reading with others, a lesson she took to heart as she embarked on her career.

Now, almost six decades later,  Dr. Boone offers books – and a healthy dose of hope – to the children and families she serves in her Richmond, Virginia pediatric practice.  Her story, her spirit of giving back and her devotion to the Reach Out and Read program caught the attention of NBC’s The Today Show and were featured on its “Hope to It” segment.

You can watch Dr.Boone’s inspiring story here.

To the families she serves, Dr. Boone is more than just a pediatrician. She is a friend, a counselor, a confidant, and most of all, a believer. She truly understands that every child has potential to succeed and that with a prescription to read – and parents who take her message seriously – the world is full of endless possibility.


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